Activated charcoal has numerous benefits for the body. Plus, it can be used to improve the health and beauty of hair and skin.

The Benefits of Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal is an incredibly strong detoxifying agent. Its standout superpower is that it absorbs toxins and chemicals that are bad for human consumption. Never confuse activated charcoal with charcoal that's used for starting fires. Activated charcoal is comprised of woods like boxwood, pine and willow woods. Often, coconut shells are used in activated charcoal as well. Many people might look at activated charcoal and genuinely wonder how much this black powder can do. Truthfully, it can be used in many ways to pull out toxins.

When it's time to wash fruits and vegetables, many people might think to just use a produce cleansing solution. Instead, add activated charcoal to warm water and douse the produce inside. This process must be done in a glass or a wooden bowl. If this process is done in the sink, activated charcoal is so powerful that it will pull out metals from the sink. If activated charcoal has the power to pull out metallic compounds from a sink, imagine what it can do to detox a person.

When it comes to detoxification, activated charcoal can be taken in various forms. Some people like to ingest it in pill form. Others like to add a little bit of activated charcoal powder to water and quickly drink it. Some naturopaths suggest a topical application of activated charcoal to the throat when a person is dealing with illness. Many companies are discovering the detox properties of activated charcoal. As a result, individuals can find many cleansers that use activated charcoal as the main ingredient in their detox products.

Detoxing With Activated Charcoal

A really good practice to employ is that of detoxification. From a physical standpoint, the body comes in contact with many toxins on a consistent basis. From environmental factors to food consumption, it can be very difficult to keep up with keeping the body clean and toxin-free.

The inclusion of activated charcoal is a gentle yet powerful way to gradually rid the body of toxins. When used appropriately, activated charcoal has the power to detoxify and breathe new life into some of the places that receive the least tender, loving care both internally and externally. When a person consumes healthy nutrients like vitamins and lots of water, the body distributes it to all the major internal organs first. The skin, hair and nails are the last to receive any nutrients. The hair, skin and nails will suffer when they're not taken care of. From a beauty standpoint, these three elements are considered beacons of good health. In order to beautify and detoxify the skin and hair with activated charcoal, there are a few ways to approach the process.

Skin Health and the Benefits of Using Activated Charcoal

In the age of selfies and social media, many long for clear, glowing skin. There are two ways to approach the process of gaining healthy skin: internal and external.

Internal Approaches and Benefits for Skin

Gut health is a major component of skin health. Many researchers are showing that the gut-skin connection is complex yet direct. If a person is dealing with skin issues such as rosacea, acne or dryness, it's best to launch an attack on anything that's hindering gut health. If there are bodily symptoms such as constipation or bloating, this is a sign that something is off in the gut.

One option involves taking 500 milligrams of activated charcoal an hour before a meal. Activated charcoal is incredibly helpful for avoiding gut issues. Some experts have suggested that people take a heaping teaspoon of activated charcoal and combine it with enough water to dilute it and drink the combination immediately. This type of process can directly impact the issues that start in the gut, such as gas and fermentation.

External Approaches and Benefits for Skin

To experience the detoxifying properties of activated charcoal from a topical perspective, there are plenty of beauty products that come with activated charcoal as the main ingredient. Activated charcoal has the power to draw out the impurities that are on the top layers of the skin.

In addition to the cleansing daily, it's a great idea to use a more potent solution for a facial mask application two to three times a week. After washing the face, use steam to open up the pores. Once the pores are open, apply a mask to the skin and let it sit for several minutes. Rinse off with warm water and a washcloth. Follow up this treatment with a moisturizing agent. For drawing out excess oil and impurities, many beauty products contain clay. A combination mask of clay and activated charcoal has a powerful ability to pull out toxins.

Homemade Activated Charcoal Face Mask



  1. Combine the powders in a bowl containing 4 tablespoons of water to create a paste.
  2. Mix in the honey.
  3. Add a few drops of essential oils. Tea tree, lavender and bergamot essential oils are excellent options to consider.
  4. Mix until the mask is creamy and consistent.
  5. Apply the mask to a freshly washed face. It's wise to make sure the pores are open, so make sure to steam the skin first.
  6. Add the mask and let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes before rinsing thoroughly.

Hair Health and Activated Charcoal

Hair can also benefit from activated charcoal. When it comes to the external approach, there are many ways to include activated charcoal in the hair routine. Activated charcoal is used in Ayurvedic regimens that have been practiced for centuries. The average person uses pomades, gels, hair sprays and other styling products in the hair. This typically happens on a daily basis. Over time, these products can build up. Even though regular shampooing is good, an additional agent that intentionally detoxifies is helpful. It's a good idea to add 1 teaspoon of activated charcoal to shampoo. Massage the scalp with the mixture and scrub the roots first. Run the water and let it move the mixture down the strands. As the activated charcoal mix moves down the hair follicle, run fingers through the hair to make sure it completely saturates every strand. Once this process is completed, the hair will be fully cleaned and detoxified.

Activated charcoal is a powerful detoxifying agent. With consistent use of this agent, a person may receive long-lasting benefits for the hair and the skin. It's also important to consult the advice of a medical professional to make sure there are no unique exceptions or reasons why it would work against any other medicine or treatments an individual is using.