After a year that can only be described as unexpected, the beauty world as we know it may have changed. Going to spas, getting our hair done for nights out, even splurging on a lipstick are all in the rearview for now. However, as a makeup artist, beauty expert, and skincare lover, I’m optimistic about us using this opportunity to redefine what beauty means moving forward into 2021. 

As we transition to a new year, holistic and ethical regimens will continue to rise in popularity. Yet somehow contradictingly, the role of tech in beauty is also set to see a momental rise. 

Ready to look into my crystal ball? Here are my top beauty predictions for the coming year.

‌‌‌‌Tech-savvy skincare

Welcome the world of biohacking, infrared frequency, red light therapy devices, micro current technology, and more. Beauty products have always focused on emulating the effects of proper nutrition, sleep, hydration, and mindfulness, aiming to transform from within. However now, they can use tech to do so on a cellular level. 

Recent years have seen countless breakthroughs in science and technology, biohacking our skin’s issues more impactfully than traditional lotions. Here are just some of the most popular beauty tech developments.

  • Red light therapy

Red light therapy is a safe, effective, non-invasive technology that is going to be popping up more in the world of beauty. It eliminates the appearance of fine lines, evening out skin tone and texture, and brightening our skin from the inside out. 

Often emitted through LED, this type of light possesses different wavelengths that penetrate the skin’s dermal layer, which is where collagen and elastin production happen. It targets the cell’s mitochondria to rejuvenate and repair. Red light beds are starting to become more popular to treat skin issues such as psoriasis, stretch marks, wrinkles, and can improve hair growth.

  • Microcurrent therapy

Microcurrent sends tiny, little, gentle wavelengths through deep layers of the skin stimulating collagen and elastin which can build and repair skin over time. It’s one of the most top notch innovations in the beauty industry tackling anti-aging, toning, contouring, and firming of skin.  

In 2021, more brands will come out with at-home devices that include microcurrent and red light therapy. Most of us aren’t able to go to the spa for our routine facials during the pandemic. Rather than going to the spa, people will be able to perform their sessions right from their bathrooms with these at-home products. Using at-home LED light therapy and microcurrent devices will be super helpful to treat aging, breakouts, and even sun damage.

  • Blue light protection

Here’s the flip side of technology’s impact: We’re all attached to our devices 24/7. By now you’ve probably heard of blue light and its effects on our health. But, here’s the truth about blue light and its effects on our beauty. 

We all need natural blue light during the daytime, which comes from the sun to level out our circadian rhythm. Sleep is crucial when it comes to our wellness and beauty. Unfortunately, we’re overloaded to the max with artificial blue light. 

Chronic exposure to artificial blue light can disrupt our eyes, our sleep patterns, and cause fine lines around our eyes from squinting. Luckily, you can get blue light-blocking glasses to filter out the blue light after dark. 

I predict more beauty brands will tackle the blue light issue on another level, using a mix of tech and antioxidant power to shield our skin from the effects of environmental pollutants and to remedy the dulling effects of spending too much time inside. These are likely to contain lutein, charcoal, and blue green algae to help shield skin from free radical damage and blue light aggressors. Derma E’s Blue Light Shield Mist and Blue Light Shield Concentrated Serum should be on your list if you want to remedy the look of photo aging.

‌‌‌‌Adaptogens and superfoods in beauty products

Every day I add some spirulinacollagen, and kale, along with some other types of superfoodsadaptogens, and herbs to my smoothies. Research shows us the many benefits of these foods and how they affect our bodies, mood, and performance. 

Though there are already a few products on the market, like the Mad Hippie Skin Care Products Triple C Night Cream that boasts an ingredient list that reads like my breakfast menu, I wouldn’t be surprised if even more brands start to infuse these nutrient-packed ingredients into their hand, face, and body creams, lotions, and cleansers. I believe we’ll start to see more ingredients from our refrigerators and pantries show up in our beauty products since they are known to enhance our glow factor without setting off the mental sensors unpronounceable ingredients can sometimes inspire. 

‌‌‌‌Probiotics in skincare

Similar to our gut, our skin also has its own microbiome consisting of live bacteria, meaning probiotics are shown to be effective at enhancing our gut health as well as the health of our skin. Skincare products with probiotics can strengthen our skin’s barrier, restore the skin’s pH levels, and balance our skin bacteria. They also enhance our natural radiance and glow, lower inflammation, and improve damaged skin caused from harmful UV rays. Plus, they keep hydration locked in to boost collagen production. Wow, that’s a lot!

You’ll be seeing more companies come out with products that incorporate topical probiotics into their formulas going into 2021.

‌‌‌‌A shift to sustainable packaging

Though a lot of indie faves already prioritize thoughtful packaging, in the coming year you’ll see more large beauty corporations making the switch to recyclable or reusable packaging as well. 

As more beauty lovers increasingly recognize how harmful waste is for our planet, brands are taking notice. Initial shifts towards environmentalism focused on retiring environmentally hazardous formulas (remember micro-beads?), then on developing new eco-conscious ones. Packaging in the logical next step—making sure people aren’t just putting good things on their skin but also insisting on a net benefit for the entire planet. 

I think brands can get creative and have fun with unique and recyclable packaging. It’d be really cool to see empty jars being used as plant holders or jewelry holders. Consumers demand more conscious packaging—and I predict you’ll see more beauty brands rethinking the delivery task of their products to become more environmentally responsible.

‌‌‌‌Full body treatments at home

I’m calling it right now: body masks will be all-the-rage going into 2021. There’s no way we’re just going to sit back and let our decreased access to spas and massages take away our need for full-body relaxation and rejuvenation. 

Body masks can be the ultimate new beauty experience to purify, exfoliate, hydrate, and rejuvenate our skin from head to toe. Masks can be such a great add-on to our beauty routines, especially during a time where a lot of us are stuck at home. More beauty brands will create all over body masks that will deliver us immediate results leaving us nothing short of obsessed.

‌‌‌‌Effortless makeup looks

As the whole world continues to be in various states of shut down, I’m predicting the more dramatic, out there beauty trends stay shut down as well. That means no lash extension fills, no high-maintenance haircuts, no smoky eyes, no hour-long contouring. But, that also means learning how to fully embrace your natural beauty and learning to love the natural and unfiltered version of yourself. 

Moving into 2021 we’ll see more soft, healthy, lit-from-within looks. Fun and bold makeup will never fully go out of style but for 2021, we’re going to keep things just a little more glowy and ethereal, focusing on good moisturizers, mascaras that more than make up for no one seeing our lipstick, and natural-looking highlighters that are a breeze to swipe on. 

So there you have it, those are our predictions for beauty trends for next year. Share your thoughts with us on our iHerb social channels as we’d love to hear what you think will have its big moment in 2021.