Those who have ever worried about their bath and beauty products and the ingredients they put on their skin may want to try out kosher options.

Kosher Beauty: What Is It?

When a product is certified kosher, it means that it was made in compliance with the strict policies of kosher food laws. This ensures the cleanliness, quality, and purity of the product. It is a label that signifies more responsible preparation. Consumers of kosher products can rest assured that the products they use are not being made with mislabeled or concealed ingredients or prepared in an unclean environment.

Kosher Ingredients and Requirements

Kosher Laws and requirements are intricate and designed to ensure the healthiest preparation of what is consumed and used in daily life. If a product includes ingredients derived from an animal, there are even strict rules for how the animal is treated. This results in cruelty-free products.

Kosher companies follow high standards related to where they source the ingredients they use in their products. For many kosher companies, these high standards also lead them to use eco-friendly ingredients and materials, including non-GMO formulas and eco-friendly packaging.

Kosher Beauty Benefits

The aim of kosher products is to create a healthier lifestyle, both spiritually and physically. It’s important to note that kosher beauty products are not just for those who follow the biblical laws of the Jewish people. In fact, anyone who holds high standards for what they consume can incorporate kosher living into their day-to-day choices. Kosher beauty can offer consumers a number of benefits.

Products that adhere to high standards

With the increasing use of synthetic and industrial dyes and preservatives, many consumers are raising an eyebrow to the sometimes questionable and hard-to-pronounce ingredients commonly found in beauty products. Also, beyond the actual ingredients themselves, one must consider how the product is made and processed. It is commonly known that heavy metals can cause oxidative stress, contributing to aging skin. When consumers choose a higher standard of beauty care, whether it is organic, paraben-free, or kosher, they are choosing to use substances that are potentially less harmful to the body.

Cruelty-free products

More and more people today are working to live responsible lives by ensuring that the products they use every day were made using cruelty-free methods, not created at the expense of another living being. Choosing kosher bath and beauty products is another way consumers can ensure that no animal had to undergo harsh treatment in the making of their favorite lipstick shade.

Non-GMO ingredients

For years, the use of genetically modified ingredients has caused concern for many individuals. They have been associated with poor reproductive health, food allergies, and some chronic illnesses. The genetic modification of foods alters the purity and original design, making it a kosher no-no. Those who are focused on a non-GMO lifestyle can feel comfortable using kosher beauty and other bath products.